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Our Customers

Our Customers

We strive to supply the
Best quality products. & Our Customer service and technical expertise.

“We are the Customer”

At the Farm Store pride we ourselves on knowing our customer needs and wants and we strive to supply the best quality products. We specialize in providing services in seed, grain, and other specialty crops and pride ourselves on our customer service and technical expertise.

We have great experience in the industry and our farm supply company has been a fixture in agriculture in West Cork since 1976, helping local families farm. With over 34 year’s experience providing farmers with seed, fertiliser, feed, tools, equipment, and supplies, we have developed strong relationships with thousands of suppliers. These relationships, coupled with an extensive inventory and an extremely knowledgeable sales staff, enables us to provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality products at competitive prices. Traditional or organic farming, wherever you may be, you will find that our staff can help supply your farm needs.

Our success with growers has been based on us working alongside the customer with factual data, sampling their soil, water, and plant tissue, having it tested and making recommendations based on facts. It is this personal experience that we believe makes all the difference and allows us to be successful.

At The Farm Store, we are more than just a farm store. In addition to large and small animal feed and supplies, we sell garden supplies, fencing and more. In short, we are your one-stop shop for everything from basic pet gear to specialty products like feeders and beyond.


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