Surespray 45.00250.00

Surespray (SensoSpray 50)is a ready-to-use, sprayable teat dip based on chlorhexidine. It is particularly suitedto spraying or dipping of the teats after milking. The high chlorhexidine content ensures a rapid disinfectant effect. Effective against all infectious pathogens. Regular use after milking helps to prevent a rapid cell count increase and, therefore keeps milk quality on highest level.

·  Chlorhexidine ingredient

Surespray with its active ingredient, chlorhexidine (CHG),

also provides an effective alternative if incompatibilities

occur with other teat dip ingredients.

·    Conditioning

The high level of glycerine and lanolin maintain the teat

skin moist and supple. It increases teat skins natural

resistance against harmful effects.

The result – outstanding teat condition.

SensoSpray 50 (Sure Spray)  is ready-to-use and need not to be diluted. Preparation time is reduced and mixing errors and impurities are avoided.

Also available in25lt, 200lt and 1000lt