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Healthy Hooves® with Copper Sulphate is a new safe foot bath solution with proven results.

Healthy Hooves lowers the PH of water in the footbath which in turn activates 80% of the copper sulphate. In water alone with a normal PH of 6-8, copper sulphate must be used in much larger amounts, which is too costly and not effective on the hoof.

By lowering the PH of water , less copper sulphate is used and more cow passes trough the footbath. which means more efficient foot bathing and lower costs.

Healthy Hooves® contains low pH & unique patented chelant that produces a  higher sustainable concentration of hydrogen ion.  Proven in field-trials on farms.

In addition Healthy Hooves® can be used between 2 & 4% in water, three days per week in traditional foot baths. Healthy Hooves has shown to provide a consistently effective footbath life throughout the processing of a 500 cow herd.

Rate : 4lts of Healthy Hooves with 4kgs of copper sulpahte

Price is for a 25lt of Healthy hooves

Copper sulphate is sold separately in 25kg bags

Ready to use paste also available.