OnTrak Tractor GPS

on trak gps
ontrak tractor gpsontrak tractor gpsontrak tractor gps

OnTrak Tractor GPS.  Affordable tractor GPS for iphone  and ipad.

We know that what you need most from a tractor GPS system is simple, clear guidance. The focus is very much on the basics plus a few useful additional features included with onTrak. onTrak ensures you cover the area with minimal skips and overlaps.

With onTrak there are no constraints. The system is equally at home on an RTV or a 200 hp tractor. The onTrak device requires no wires or installation. Simply place the system on any machine and harness the potential of GPS guidance. Never before has it been so easy to equip any vehicle with precision guidance.

onTrak Features 

  • Field of view mounting
  • All-weather operation
  • No wires – no installation
  • 24 hour battery life
  • 10 Hz update rate
  • 20cm pass-to-pass accuracy GPS & GLONASS  + EGNOS

“Positioning the device on the bonnet of the tractor rather than within the cab greatly reduces the accommodative effort of the user’s eyes and leads to a better experience and reduced fatigue”

OnTrak Tractor GPS

Affordable tractor GPS for iphone  and ipad

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