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Are your cows listless and weak after calving? Or do they look like they just ran a marathon? Looking for a solution to help them get back on track quickly?

NUTI DRENCH is the ultimate energy drink for newly calved dairy cattle. A palatable drink that supplies the cow with energy, minerals, electrolytes and vitamins. By giving your cows NUTI DRENCH once directly after calving, the animals recover sooner, are more active, and show good forage intake. This successful product contributes to a fast lactation start after calving and supports the immune system.

Application: Give once to your cows immediately after calving. For weak cows, NUTI DRENCH may be supplied during three to five days.

Directions: Give to the cow directly after calving. 50g / 1lt water. General application is 20lts directly after calving. Due to high concentration of vitamin D3 do not feed more than 1.5kg per dairy cow per day.