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This Solar outdoor light with PIR detector will provide you with mains free outdoor sensor lighting.

This complete solar kit includes everything to light up to a range of 9 meters and requires no maintenance and has no running cost.

Fitted with 80 super bright LED lights the Norko SL80 is the perfect mains free solution for professional outdoor security lighting.

Easy to fit and comes in two parts, the Solar panel and the light.

The solar panel can be placed a long distance from the light as it comes with a 4.5 meter cable so you could place the solar panel on a south facing wall for maximum charging and the light around the corner if required. It charges during the day through the included rechargeable batteries.

The main light itself has a 180 degree sensor and 3 adjustment wheels to get the best detection.

There is three light setting on, off or auto. This allows for the light to be on at all times after dark, off at all times or set so it will only come on for a short time when it detects movement within its range.

The 80 LED’s provide an impressive 900 Lumen light output and the product  is completely weatherproof and splashproof with an IP rating of 44.

Ideal for gardens, outhouses, garages, sheds and anywhere you require a light at night to help protect your property.

  • 80 LED’s with a light output of 900 Lumens
  • Built in replaceable rechargeable batteries
  • Weather Resistant and Splashproof (IP44)
  • 180 Degree detection range
  • Seperate Solar Panel with 4.5 Metre Cable
  • Mounting brackets and screws included in kit

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