Herbaflux 60ml Syringe

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HerbaFlux is a natural feed supplement that consists out of mineral clay and essential oils.

HerbaFlux supports the balance of the intestinal flora in calves.
HerbaFlux contains calcium and green clay that absorb toxins and limit water, sugar and minerals losses.
As a result of using the product, calves can keep a better intestinal floral balance and recover fast without the use of medication.


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Use 15 ml twice a day (in the morning and evening), for 2 days.
So in total one syringe of 60 ml is used per calf.

The required amount of paste to be administered can be set with the dosage ring.
Make sure the complete dose has been swallowed by the animal.
Do not dissolve HerbaFlux in water.

Do not use this product as a preventative on healthy calves as the clay will bind the calf.

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