Provita Colostrum Concentrate provides a high level of natural EU sourced colostrum, with added egg powder and vitamins carried in a nutritional energy source. It is formulated to supplement colostrum from the dam or where access to natural colostrum has not been possible. Provita Calf Colostrum is high in fat soluble vitamins A, D and E to compensate for the inefficient placental transfer of these vitamins. Its nutritional base provides instant and slow release energy allowing the calf to suckle quicker. Its easy-mix formula makes it fast and practical to use.  Each box contains 2 x 150gm sachets.

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When to use:

At birth or for bought-in calves to provide a source of natural colostrum and energy to get up and suckle its mother.   It should ideally be fed as soon as possible after birth and preferably during the first 12 hours.

Instructions for use: 

Add the contents of one or two sachets of Provita Calf Colostrum concentrate as required to 1.5lt of warm water, whisk thoroughly and feed to the calf through a teat or by stomach tube.

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