Rumiform Energy 500ml



The perfect support for dairy cattle at start of lactation.


RumiForm Energy is a liquid feed additive developed to support dairy cattle at the beginning of the lactation period. The composition of the additive includes propylene glycol, sorbitol, yeast cultures and yeast cell walls.

RumiForm Energy is a natural feed supplement that will provide the cow with additional energy.
Further it will improve digestion and have a beneficial effect on the microflora and intestinal activity. It helps in case of a negative energy balance.

By using RumiForm Energy, the cow’s milk productivity increases.


Administer one dosage of 500 mL RumiForm Energy 2 days before calving.
Repeat with one dosage of 500 mL 1 day after calving.

It is necessary to check that the animal swallowed the entire dose.
Shake before use.

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