Farmstore August Newsletter


The harvest is upon us and options for utilising grain direct from the combine are being explored,

Home & Dry is a reliable convenient and economical method of treating grain which has many advantages over other methods which include

  • Harvest window is 2-3 weeks during normal harvest.
  • Grain can be treated from 17-24pc.
  • More than 30kg/t can be added to increase protein content.
  • Grain is mechanically crimped and Home ‘N’ Dry Pellets applied.
  • Grain is covered and sealed using silage polythene covers to prevent ammonia loss, can be fed after 2 weeks
  • It can also be stored outdoors once moisture is excluded.
  • Increases grain protein levels by 4-5pc at recommended rate.
  • Alkaline pH (8-9) provides a buffer to improve rumen function.
  • Less likely to be attacked by birds or vermin due to alkaline nature.
  • Minimal storage loss.
  • Storage period of up to 12 months.
  • Feed rates: dairy up to 6kg, beef can be fed ad-lib.

We have customers with grain to sell ready treated and customers looking for grain supplied so contact us for further details.


Distillers Wet Grain is produced from pressed maize grains and is a by-product of the distilling industry.

It is a highly palatable feed containing 26% protein and 32% DM

Is available in full artic loads delivered

Has a 2 month shelf life when covered.

Contact us for more details.

August 2014 News Letter

DAIRY HYGIENE Milk sampling is the one sure way of identifying causes of increased Somatic cell counts on farm. By identifying the relevant bacteria present enables you to make appropriate decisions in combatting future mastitis problems and enables you to select products suitable to combating the bacteria present. We are offering this service free of charge backed up with on farm trouble shooting from GEA personnel.

HOME & DRY We are seeing a significant increase in the use of Home & Dry for treating grain this season. Farmers looking to cut costs on bought in feed are seeing the advantage of treating grain direct from the combine. Also no other product can reliably convert a 60% starch grain into an alkaline feed while increasing the protein by 4.5%. We are sourcing grain direct from the combine whole or treated delivered to your yard for more details contact us.

GRASS SEED There is both a feast and a famine depending on what part of the country you are farming in. Our Limerick/Tipperary customers have too much grass while our southern customers have little or no grass. Wherever you are farming consider Farm Store Top Five extend grass mixes for your reseeding. Three varieties topping the Irish recommended list are:

ABERCHOICE: highest yielding and highest DM late diploid on the Irish recommended list.
ABERGAIN: highest yielding spring and total growth of the entire recommended list.
TYRELLA: highest spring yielding late diploid on the Irish recommended list.
All Grass seed Mixes come with or without clover. All three varieties are late heading.



Feed blocks and troughs available in store
Also portable cubicle beds. To enquire contact:

The Farm Store Bandon 023-8841911           Email:
Gearoid Maher /  Limerick 087-2576827  or      Darragh Parlon / Tipperary/Offaly 085-784500



Closamectin Pour on has been available in the UK and Ireland since 2009 with in excess of 5 million animals treated since its launch. That’s enough doses to treat more than half the total dairy and beef herd in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland!

The easy and effective way to treat for fluke, GIT worms, lungworms and external parasites.