This summer teat dip contains DEAT, which is the only fly repellent registered in the European Union to repel fliesNuisance flies are antagonistic to cows as well as increasing the risk of mastitis.

HEXAKLENE R also contains a high level of chlorohexidine which is an excellentbiocide, and lanolin to aid in keeping teats soft.                    Teat spray with fly repellent





We won’t mention the war but fodder is undoubtedly going to be scarce on farm this coming winter. So what options have farmers left at this stage?

 Red Start Hybrid Brassica            

Redstart has the potential to yield 6tDM/ha when sown in early August. This can be grazed in situ or baled and fed out.  Suitable for feeding dry cows, replacement heifers, weanlings and store cattle. Ideal for a field intended for reseeding next year or following cereals.

Hybrid Ryegrass                              

This won’t give the same short term yield potential as Redstart but will give the potential for extra grazing in the spring followed by a cut in the autumn.  Hybrids are being cut up to five times per season and once your soil index is sufficient excellent yields are being achieved. This is Ideal for paddocks away from the farm and where zero grazing is being practiced.

Forage Rape

Can even be sat into September and again gives a high leaf yield with the potential to yield 5t DM/ha.  It can be grazed or baled.  Very easy to establish and again suitable for fields destined for reseeding.




This is where Home & DRY pellets are added to straw which is pitted after being chopped by a forage harvester. The ammonia breaks down the lignin in the straw increasing the ability of the animal to digest it. Also the protein of the straw is increased therefore improving what is already a beneficial feed.



We are sourcing wheat and barley for farmers for home treating again this season so let us know in advance if this is an option for your farm.

Alka Grain, Alka Feed, Home and dry,



We are selling a range of rations containing Home & Dry treated grain.  The entire diet is alkalised and contains 70% cereal including maize meal.  It is very safe to feed at high levels particularly where forage is tight.  Higher cereal inclusion increases the energy utilised by the cow increasing yield, fat and protein.



Home n’ Dry


ONTRAK is an affordable GPS for your tractor which is compatible with your iPad or iPhone.

With newer fertiliser spreaders and sprayers, spreading width has increased significantly and is virtually impossible to spread accurately.  The ONTRAK device sits on the tractor bonnet and has a light display from left to right.  Once you deviate from the centre line the lights flash directing you back in to line.  Fool proof to set up and can be moved from one tractor to the next as it is attached magnetically.

ontrak tractor gps
ontrak tractor gps

ontrak tractor gps

ontrak tractor gps



Farming experts invited to share grain production expertise in China

Farming experts have been asked to share their expertise in grain production with some of China’s dairy and beef farmers.  China’s farmers are hoping to learn about “Home n’ Dry”, a protein-based system which is use to create Alkagrain.  The system actively increases the value of grain in the diet of animals without the associated drying costs.

The Farm Store, which has branches in Bandon and Belgooly, Co.Cork, has 12 years experience with the “Home N’ Dry” system.  Managing director, Hugh Sisk, will travel to china later this month.  “Having travelled extensively in China it has become obvious to me that a more affluent population is demanding more westernised menus, and that dairy products are now also very prevalent in supermarkets, which traditionally would not have been the case” he said. 

“This in turn has increased the demand for beef, poultry and pig meat along with milk; the scale of which is so immense that the agricultural industry is struggling to cope with this demand.  Having visited farms and various agricultural businesses there, I have seen an appetite unequalled anywhere in the world to increase yields and animal performance from limited resources, and this is where Home N’ Dry comes into play” he said.

The consumption of grain wordwide is becoming a limiting factor, which is evident in todays high world prices and is exasperated by extreme climactic conditions.  Like farmers worldwide, those in china face higher protein prices, so the introduction of any product that allows them to preserve, store and feed and reducing their reliance on protein would be welcome.

Taken from the Irish Examiner 14/08/2012