New dry cow therapy

Drying off cows has never been an easy job.  It is both time consuming and labour intensive.  Milk withdrawal and risking the odd kick is all part of the fun.

In 2017 we trialled a new product manufactured in Belgium on a number of Irish farms called HERBADRY.The product is 100% natural, antibiotic free and is administered in a drench form so no tubes are required.  The results were astounding!HERBADRY, DRY COWS


  • 100% success rate.
  • Udders just shrunk up within 24 hours.
  • No dripping or leaking as can occur with conventional methods.


With Herbadry milk production stopsin a fast and natural way. Oxytocin production is inhibited naturally and the cow doesn’t let down milk.  The absence of milk in the udder means no lactose and therefore a reduction in bacterial growth.  The following spring 2018 we followed these cows to assess the new lactation and again we found no residue, no mastitis and no withdrawal period for the milk.  Martin Crowe renowned dairy farmer Doon Co Limerick said:

 “cows dried up very fast and were very comfortable within 24 hrs. An Impressive product”

We are holding information evenings in association with HERBAVITA on the following dates:

Midleton Park hotel, Co Cork                                Monday 27th August 8.30pm.

Kades Kounty, Glenville, Co Cork                         Tuesday 28th August 8.30pm

Munster Arms Hotel, Bandon, Co Cork               Wednesday 29th August 8.30pm

Fern Hill Hotel, Clonakilty, CoCork                      Thursday 30th August 8.30pm

For further details contact the office on 023-8841911 or

Dan Martin 086-1733165

Sean o Flynn 087-1272334 /

Hugh Sisk 086-8200281 /