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Livestock should be introduced slowly to brassica crops. Initially 1–2 hours access should be given and built up to full time access over 7–10 days.  To avoid digestive disorders, animals should not be introduced to fresh brassicas when hungry as they could gorge themselves.
Roughage in the form of a grass, hay or straw should be freely available to animals being transitioned onto brassica diets.  When fully adjusted brassica should make up no more than 70% of the diet, with 30% coming from a good fibre source such as silage, hay or straw.

It is important to be aware that brassicas have a poor mineral profile and are found to be deficient for selenium, iodine, copper and cobalt, so it is essential that animals are supplemented with such, generally in the form of a bolus.

Typically out–wintered animals have a daily DM intake requirement of 3% of liveweight; for example a 300 kg animal will require 9 kg DM per day, however, only 70% of this can be made up of brassicas, leaving the brassica requirement at 6.3 kg DM per day, with the outstanding 2.7 kg DM being made up of silage, hay or straw.
A crop of late sown Redstart with an average yields of 4,800 kg DM/ha will last a group of 30 X 300 kg weanlings for 25 days.



This product needs no introduction but with straw scarce this year,  the FIBREBED might be of interest to some for loose house bedding.

1m³ of peat will cover 5m² with 8 inches of peat.  This will last a heavily stocked shed for 6/7 weeks (lesser stocked will last up until 10 weeks). Peat keeps the cattle very clean and comfortable.

We are currently delivering 100m³ loads and these can be divided into 3 parts if anyone needs a part load.  Contact us for more details.


We appreciate the turnout at our open meetingsHERBADRY, DRY COWS

and all the enquiries since.  Just a few points

to recap at drying off. Milk cow out completely

and drench 250ml of HERBADRY as soon as possible

(within 2 hours).  One drench is sufficient even in

high yielding cows.  It might just take an extra day.

Remove cow from milking herd and introduce

drying off diet.  Results visible within 24/48 hours.

For more details contact us.


Drench cows 250ml with HERBAMAS when flakes are SCC, MASTITIS, HERBA MAS

visible in the milk or when SCC is rising.

Best results are seen when applied with HERBADRY

at drying off in high SCC cows and obviously

one drenching will reduce the work load.



Winter barley again proved to be the most rewarding crop in harvest 2018 with straw and grain yields leaving the biggest return.

Further up country however the yields and quality of seed production was poor leaving a shortage of available seed for this autumn. Contact us for more details.